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Mathas and Ashrams in Puri


     some leading Mathas of Puri are closely associated with the daily ritulas of sri jagannath and some of the important festivals. Jagannath Ballave Math, Raghabadas Math, Sunagosain Math, Sri Ram Das Math (Dakhina Parsaw), Uttarparswa Math, Emar Math, Radhakanta Math, Jhadu Mathmay be included among them. Besides the daily ritulas, these mathas are extending assistance in the Ratha Yatra, Candan Yatra, Snana Yatra, Jhulan Yatra, Navakalebar Ceremony and other vestival accasions by offering Pankti and Pana Bhoga, Vesa Materials, cleaning of Ratnashinghasan, suppling of canopy and Chaka Apasara, Phuluri Tele (til oil), Sandalwood paste for Sarbanga Ritulas, Flower Garlands, Tulsi leaves and other puja materials, beside performing Sankirtana with devotional Music and Chamer, Allat Services.

     The record of rights compiled under the Puri Sri Jagannatn Temple (Administration)Act, 1952enshrines in detailthe nitis to be performed by certain Mathas. Daily service performed by the Mathas are as follows:   

Gobardhan Matha: Gobardhan Peetha, a monestery or math establised by Adi Sankar at Puri about 9th Century A.D plays an important role in the ritulas of Sri Jagannath Temple, Puri. Sankarachaya math has a number of rights in the temple ritulas. Jagadguru Sankaracharya, Peethadhisa of this Mathhas the authority tooffer his opinion on the ritulistic system of the temple and he is the Muktimandap. the Khei which is granted to this mathas a daily routine is unique and rarely enjoyed by any other Math of puri Sankracharya at time of their visit to the Temple is given some special privileages by the Temple Administration.

Oriya Matha: To supply the daily Ballava Bhoga and performing upachara chamara,allata services.

Badachhata Matha: To receite devotional song with music daily at the time of Mangala Arati and Badashinghara Pahuda ritulas.

Jagannath Ballav Matha: To supply the Masala (torch) during the Abakash ritulas, Ballava Bhoga and khuamanda,Tilak,  Jumpa (one type of flower ornamentes)for badashinghar Vesha,Khatani bhog (Arnna Mahaprasad);to perform services as per tradition.

Papudia Matha: To perform sunabenta chamara (flywhisk) and allata (fan) services.

Chuliya Matha: To perform Chamara Seva, supply the pijuli (guava) for Gopallaballav bhoga (the services are discontinued since long).

Raghaba Das Matha: To perform upachara chamara and allata services,supply Ballava Bhoga and khatani Bhoga.

Gangamata Matha: To perform Sunabenta chamara and allata services.

Radhakanta Matha: To perform upachara chamara service and daily Sankirtana parikrama inside temple premises.

Rebasa Matha: To perform upachara chamara and allata services, offering of khatani Bhog.

Emar Matha:  To supply the Ballava Bhoga, 'Chadrika' and 'Chausara' (one type of flower ornaments) for badasinghar Vesa, to perform upachara chamara and allata services.

Radhaballava Matha: To perform upachara chamara and allata services.

Trimali Matha: To perform chamara and allata services.supplying the dihudi (torch) at the time of Abakash and Gopalaballav Bhog ritulas.

Ramaji Matha: To perform chamara service.

Sanachhata Matha: To perform chamara and allata services.

Rajguru goswami Matha: To perform chamara services during Abakash and Dhupa puja period.

Venkatachair Matha: To perform chamara and allata services.

Nua Matha: To perform chamara and allata services.

Chhauni Matha: To perform chamara and allata services.

Balaramkot Matha: To perform chamara and allata services.

Sriram Das matha: To perform chamara and allata services,supply of flower ornaments for the deities of the temple.

Uttaraparswa Matha:  To perform chamara and allata services and supply of five seer materials for preparing mahabhog to the temple every day.

Mangu Matha: To perform chamara service.

Jhanjapitha Matha: To perform sebapuja of the 'Padapadma' by the inmates of the Matha.

     Besides this, certain mathas such as Gobardhan Matha, Badasantha Matha, Radhakanta Matha, Jeerswami matha, Badachhata Matha, Jagannath Ballav, Emar, Uttarparswa,Dakhinaparswa, Sidhabakula, Gangamata, Haridas Thuakura Samadhi, Rebasa, Chhauni, Radhaballav,Bada Oriya Matha etc.have the right to offer Khatani Bhog (cooked food offering) to the deities daily.

     It is ascertained from the Temple Record of Rights that there aer 86 ovens in the Temple's Kitchen allotted to sevarel Matas such as Emar, Sankarnanda, Gangamata, Kausalya Das, Bada Santha, Sri Ram Das, Laxmibhadra, Panjabi, Baula, Jagannath Ballav,Raghaba Das, Radhakanta Bada Oriya, Mahiprakash, Bada Jhadu, Khajuriya, Dukhishyama Bdaji, Haridakhandi, Uttarparswa, Trimali, Achari Matha, similarly more than 30 Saragharas (store houses) are found recorded in the names of some Mathas likes Sankaracharya Matha, Sankarnanda, Papudia matha, Achari, Jagannath Ballav, Uttarparswa, Rebesa, Sibatirtha, Emar,Bada Oriya, Radhaballav, Mahiprakash, Kotha bhoga, Raghaba Das Matha etc.

    According to record of rights of the Temple, Radhaballav Matha and Jhanjapitha Matha have their special esteblishment in the Temple, presently know as "Radhaballav Temple" and  "Padapadma Chaura" over plot No.176 and No.132, 133, 134.

     In the past different Gajapati Maharajas and Superintendent of the Sri Jagannath Temple had given rights through sanandas and royal chater in favor of some Mathas connected with ritulas of lod Jagannath alloting store houses, ovens in the kitchen, Chamara and allat sevices, Pankti and Khatani Bhoga etc. for the smooth performance of the daily ritulas of Sri Jagannath Mahaprabhu. Presently some of the Matha have been deprived the services and some have discontinued the services altogether. Even some of the Mahantas are not porforming the Chamara and allata services which are their most important and sacred duties. some of the Mahantas are occasionally performing the services only to keep up the tradition.




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