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Different Besha of Lords in Jagannath Temple


           We know that in the Srimandir tradition of Puri there are altogether 24 beshas of which 22 are held every year during the different months while two beshas take place but rarely. The two held on rare occasions are the Nagarjuna Besha and Raghunath Besha. But almost in all the beshas one salient feature is obvious that Lord Jagannath is the focal point in all of them while his companion deities, Lord Balabhadara and Devi Subhadra are not so central. With most of the beshas there is some legend associated and the legend inevitably centres round the black-faced, Round eyed god, Lord Jagannath. But it is not so with the Pralambasurabadha Besha, This is the only beshas when Lord Jagannath's elder brother Lord Balabhadra occupid the central place. On the 20th day of the bright fortnight of Bhadrv, this beshas takes place. These are the beshas...

Nagarjuna Besha

Nagarjuna Besha

Ghodalagi Besha

Kaliadalana Besha

Banabhoji Besha

Padma Besha

Rajarajeswar Besha

LaxmiNarayana Besha

KrushnaBalarama Besha

Suna Besha

Tribikram Besha

Pralambasura Badha besha

Nabanka Besha

Laxmi Nrusingha Besha

Sradha Besha

Rajarajeswar Besha

Radha Damodara Besha

Bamana Besha

Gajanana Besha

Chacheri Besha

Raghunath Besha

Gajaudharana Besha

Badasinghara Besha

Bankachula Besha

Chandanlagi Besha

Abakasa Besha


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