Rakhi Purnima celebrated at Shri Jagannath Temple Puri


On the occasion of Rakhi Purnima, in Puri Jagannath Temple Rakhi festival was celebrated. Sister subhadra binds Rakhi to her brother Lord Jagannath and Lord Balabhadra.

Puri resident Jagannath patera and his family have created special rakhis for the divine sibling on the occasion.

Jagannath patera said, the temple administration provides us with paata cloth every year. We collect these and dye them in five colours — blue, red, green, yellow and white — and then dry them for a couple of days. We cut these coloured cloths and sew them into concentric circles stitched one atop another with the lowest disc being the largest.

The base of each of the four rakhis is a circle of a 10-inch diameter. The subsequent circles stitched on them are smaller and finally a colourful central sphere of cloth at the top makes the rakhis look pretty. The thread of the rakhis is also special.

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Rakhi is also observed as the birthday of Lord Balabhadra, who is considered the lord of farmers.

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