Sabyasachi Brand Ambassador of Shree Balaji’s Coconut Oil


Most Costliest Brand Endorsement of Odisha.

The Recent update from ‘O’ town is Ollywood Sensation Sabyasachi Mishra is now the Brand Ambassador of Shree Balajis Coconut Oil.

The Greater news what we have from our sources is that, This is the Highest Paid Endorsement of Odisha Till Date in Ollywood. Sabyasachi Has taken a very high price to endorse it after the Super Success of his recent Movie Pilata Bigidigala.

Here is an update from the Actor’s FB profile

These days its very difficult to endorse any brand because we never know which brand use harmful chemicals in its products. So when I got the offer to endorse this Balaji coconut oil, I first started a research on how coconut oils are produced. I contacted Coconut development board of India to get the details and guidelines for coconut oil product manufacturing. I was shocked to know the fact that 99% companies use LIGHT LIQUID PARAFFIN (LLP) which is a liquid form of wax to make the product thik. This LLP products have many side effects and are very harmful for regular use. And after knowing the fact that Shree BALAJI’s COCONUT OIL is free from LLP, I visited the factory. Then agreed to endorse this High Quality and High Profile Brand to create a Awareness to stop LLP containing products. Now I can proudly say I am the Brand Ambassador of a genuine company which is among that 1% Companies which produce Pure coconut oil without LLP.