Saran Srikshetra Marada – Where Ratha Yatra was not celebrated


Saran Srikshetra Marada, when Ratha Yatra was celebrated in Lord Jagannath temples across Odisha and also outside, the festival went missing at a 300-year-old temple in Odisha Ganjam district  Marada.

Saran Srikshetra Marada is one of its kind of Jagananth temple in the whole world where the temple exists, the daily rituals goes as well, but the Ratna Simhasana lies empty.

Once the shelter of trinity Jagananth, Balabhadra and Subhadra made the place immortal & historic based.

It has a strong historic relation with the Lord Jagananth of Puri. In 1733 A.D Mohammad Taqui Khan, the naib nizam of cuttack invaded Puri with a pre-determination to insult Lord Jagannath and humilitate the Hindus.

Therefore, the three idols of Jagannath, Balabhadra and Subhadra were shifted to Marada village by the sea-route of Palur. On that crucial moment Jagannatha Harichandan Jagatdeva, the king of Athagada came forward to provide security to the Lords and shifted the original idols to Marada.

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Later, the deities returned to Puri when the situation calmed down. As the deities had taken shelter at Marada, the place came to be known as Sarana Srikhetra.

Saran Srikshetra MaradaSince then there is no deity in the temple, the car festival is never observed here.