Sardar Ra Gaon – Big Boss in Odia – Odisha


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MBC TV introduces a program that has never been seen by Odia audience.  The program, based on the famous show “Big Boss”, shows 11 famous personalities of the state staying in a house. The house-mates have to follow a rural life style and also act as per the orders of the Sardar.

The participants are expected to follow all the orders of the Sardar. The Sardar has the power to eliminate any person in the end of every week. The house-mates are judged according to their performance in each task along with nominations received by the other co-participants.

The rural set-up is based in”Roopak Resort” of Balasore.  The program is planned to encompass of 26 episodes with one Premiere, Grand Finale and a Special episode on the eve of Diwali.

The program will be aired twice weekly on Saturdays and Sundays for three months. At the end of the series the surviving participant will be declared as the owner and take home prize money worth 1 lakh rupees.

The participants list consists of Actress-  Gargi Mohanty, Eli Padhi, Lipsa Mishra, Bidusmita, Malabika, Sunita Garbadu, Actor – Dushmant, Hara Rath, Singer Abhijeet Mishra, Dancer Saswat Joshi… Music Composer- Goodly Rath, Singer- Suman, Producer- Tutu Nayak, Choreographer- Lubun, Anchor Ramoli.

The crucial role of the Sardar was supposed to be played by the legendary antagonist of the Industry Mr. Hara Pattnaik. The popular comedians of Ollywood Guddu& Rajiv will act as the messenger between the Sardar and participants.

So, who will be winner? Don’t forget to tune in to on MBC TV at 7:30 PM every weekend to catch the mystery unfold.

Official Logo of Sardar ra Gaon by MBC TV


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