Shakespeare Theatre Festival at Bhubaneswar Rabindra Mandap


Shakespeare Theatre Festivalaims to bring Shakespeare plays to one venue at a time.Starting from Bhubaneswar, it will be staged in Mumbai, New Delhi and Kolkata and other cities in due course. Translations of Shakespeare’s plays in Odia will also be released.

In Bhubaneswar, a 3 day festival is being organized at Rabindra Mandap from 24th to 26th April, 2016 by Utkal Rangamanch Trust.

State based theatre group ‘Think Foundation’ will stage the play Macbeth in Odia, New-Delhi based ‘Film & Theatre Society’ will stage Merchant of Venice in Hindi and Kolkata based ‘NayeNatua’ will stage Othello in Bengali on 24th, 25th and 26th April respectively.

A brief about Shakespearean Plays

In the 400th Anniversary of Shakespeare’s, the question as to whether he is still relevant in a world that has changed radically, has assumed great urgency.

Readers today may find Shakespeare’s language impenetrable, (difficult to comprehend), University syllabi might have pushed him to margins but Shakespeare continues to permeate our emotional and intellectual lives through translations, and adaptation to stage and films. His plays continue to remind us of the glory and futility of human endeavors and of the complex city (and dark obscurants) of human motivation.

Scholars go on discovering new subtleties in his plays and ordinary men and woman watch his plays, fascinated and spellbound.

His influence is felt not only in the countries once colonized by the British but in countries like France, Germany  and Europe and Russia, Africa, Asia and India in particular and even Afghanistan.

Victor Hugo’s son was the best known French translator of Shakespeare and Boris Pasternak (Russia), has left several translations of ‘HAMLET’. (A recent Afghan adaptation of “Loves Labour Lost” left audience in Kabul spellbound. It also led to the murder of the husband of one of the actress.) Apart from innumerable translations in all Regional Indian languages for the stage, popular Hindi films like ‘Omkara’, ‘Haider’ &‘Maqbool’ have been based on Shakespearean plays. In Odia, more than twelve translations and adaptations of Shakespearean plays have been published and two more plays “Macbeth” and “King Lear” are being released during this festival.

Every age (generation) has found in Shakespeare’s plays a mirror reflecting its deepest concerns and most painful dilemmas. The plays aid us in discovering new elusive aspects of human conditions.

As Jan Koh had said’ “Shakespeare inspite of the passage of four hundred years, remain our contemporary “

A brief about UtkalRangamanch Trust

AnantMahapatra who had pioneered Group Theatre movement by ‘SRUJANI’ IN 1964 foundedUtkalRangamanch Trust in 1999 to revive the professional Theatre in Odisha after all the old Theatres closed in seventies with the lease of the Bhanja Kala Mandap by culture Dept, and a professional cast and crew staged regular 3 shows every week from1st May 1999 till 2005 since culture Dept. did not renew the lease.

Utkal-Rangamanch-TrustIn this period 20 plays were staged each for 20/30 shows regularly without break except during the Super Cyclone aftermath. Had organized 7 days SAARC countries Woman Director’s Festival,5 days of National Festival, 3 days of Regional Festival and seminars.

AnantMahapatra was invited by National School of Drama (NSD)RangaMahostav to stage plays directed by him for UtkalRangamanch Trust in 2000, 2001& 2002, continuously at New Delhi.

Utkal Rangamanch Trust organized for the First time “Theatre in Motion” project in which 6 important groups each from Kolkata, Mumbai and New Delhi performed every weekend 2 plays from 5th October to 31 December 2013 simultaneously at these 3 metros.