Sudarsan Pattnaik’s Diwali sand sculpture on Paradip Beach


Internationally acclaimed Sand Artist Sudarsan Pattnaik’s Diwali sand sculpture on Paradip Beach, is making waves for paying homage to the goddess Kali and invoking Swacch Bharat at the same time.

The sculpture urges one to have a joyous but clean Diwali. It also commemorates the Clean Beach Festival.

Pattnaik’s sand sculpture titled “Mahatma Gandhi- World Peace” won the people’s choice prize at the ninth Moscow Sand Sculpture Championship 2016. That 15-foot-high sand sculpture conveyed a message of non-violence and peace.

He has won many national and international awards for his creative designs and has recorded his name in the World records. He was Awarded Padma Shri in 2014.

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He established “The Golden Sand Art Institute” which is first of its nature in India. His sculptures include environmental crisis, famous festivals, national integrity and religious tolerance.

Diwali sand sculpture