Sushant Mani receiving threatening calls not to release the film Kehi Nuhen Kahara


kehi-nuhe-kahara-susshant-ManiSources say Sushant Mani; director of the upcoming Odia film “Kehi Nuhen Kahara” is apparently receiving threatening calls to not release the film. Revolving around a murder mystery of an Odia NRI, the film is slated to release on 2nd October.

Produced by Akshay Parija, a national Award winner and record state award winner for his exceptional movies, the film’s trailer has been launched which speaks about a murder mystery of a father being investigated by his daughter.

While the starcast maybe an eye-catcher for this upcoming romantic thriller, there may be something more to the story than just being a movie plot. Rumours have it that the film might be based on a true incident of an NRI murdered in Odisha but has somehow escaped the media limelight. When asked about the accuracy of the news, Susant Mani was quite tight-lipped about the source of inspiration for the plot. Though, he did not divulge much on the plot of the movie, he announced the film to be “a suspense- thriller, love story with edgy twists and characters with different layers of motivations. The audience is sure to keep guessing till the end of the movie”. Even Akshay Parija has flown back to Dubai and was unreachable.

 The film stars Avisekh Rath, Elina Samantray, Siddhant Mohapatra, Kuna Tripathy and Samaresh Routray and is also expected to have an international release in Dubai and Muscat.

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