The Making of New Idols of Shree Jagannath – Things to Know



The Making of New Bigraha has already Started.

Ten carpenters are already working on the ‘Nirmana Mandapa’. The process will last for full nine days. Each ‘Nirmana Mandapa’ measures 16 x 16 hata (hands) and has four doors, which are covered with mats made out of leaves of coconut palm. At each door, there are water filled pots (purna kumbha) that are provided by the barbers in the temple. However, when the work is in progress, only the carpenters and the Daitapatis are allowed access to the ‘Nirmana Mandapa’. The Daitapati are in possession of ancient records in which are contained the exact dimensions of the statues. These measurements are a well- guarded secret of the Daitapati.

The whole process is very secretive. The information presented here is gathered from various Daitapatis and Maharanas (Carpenters).

The shape of the Daru in cubical pillars is retained not only during their transportation from the forests to Puri, but also while fitting them together as statues. The round form, which we all see, manifests only later when the rectangular wooden structure is draped in cloth and resin.

The structure of the neem tree remains intact during the constructing of the divine idols. This connotes that the lower torso (gandi) of the Gods. The upper part of the trunk is utilised in making the head (munda) and the branches(dala) for the arms (hata)

Source – Nabakalebara 2015

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