Two new young talents in Odia Film “Kiye Daba Takkar”


Upcoming Ollywood movie “Kiye Daba Takkar” directed by S.K.Murulidharan going to hit the screen very soon. Both the actor and actress are making debut in this Odia film, the young talents are Pradeep and Pratali. The Co Actors are Sidhant Mohapatra,,Mihir Das,,Aparajita Mohanty,Pradyumna Lenka,,Namrata Das,,Saroj Das,,Sakti Baral.

The story is about a simple guy in the childhood gone wayward after getting in touch with wrong companions. When he left village and town he saw Smita in the station and fell in love in the first sight. Subsequently he faced lots of obstacles and how he has tackled is what the movie is all about.