Unforgettable Odia Songs On Flute by Annada Prasanna Pattanaik


Unforgettable Odia SongsUnforgettable Odia Songs On Flute
Annada Prasanna Pattanaik has taken the initiative to produce series of volumes in this category of “Unforgettable Odia Songs On Flute”
This is “ Volume 1 “ in this category.

Songs in this CD:
1. Abhimanini ye (Original composer Raju Mishra and Bibhu Mohanty Film: Ulka)
2. Chandana Tume Tara (Original composer Basudeba Ratha, Film: Chinha Achinha)
3. He Phaguna Tume (Original composer Akshaya Mohanty)
4. Hrudayara Eyi Sunyata ku (Original composer Musir, Film: Samar Malim Saimon)
5. He Phaguna Kandanare (Original composer: Prafulla Kar, Film: Mamata)
6. Nidabhara Raati (Original composer: J. Adeni,
Film: Anutap)
7. Rajajhia Sange (Original composer Akshaya Mohanty)
8. Udi Udi Udi Udi (Original composer Akshaya Mohanty, Film: Kie Kahara)

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Produced, Music Rearranged, Electronic sequencing,
Main Lead Flute, Guitar, and Melodica By: Annada Prasanna Pattanaik (Butto)
Recorded and mastered at Butto’s Home Studio, Bangalore, India


  1. Where can i purchase this CD ? Is there any link ? Plz provide the link for the full album. Wnoderfull rendering, wanna add to my collection as soon as possible.