Ancient port, lighthouse and Civilization found in Chilika lake


A team of researchers of Utkal University discovered an ancient port and light house in Chiilika, the largest brackish Water Lagoon. The 2-km long and 1 km width ancient port is assumed to be of 200 years old. A team of researchers led by Assistant Professor Anam Behera of Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology of Utkal University.

The history of Orissa is inter-twined with the Chilika lake. Earlier studies suggest that port towns around Chilika lake had established their cultural and commercial contacts with Ceylon, Java, Sumatra, Borneo, China, Rome and African countries during the early centuries of the Christian era.

During the past, people from South India used to travel to Puri by ships, which were anchored in Chilika lake. The people of Odisha have been drawing inspiration from the lake and a number of local legends are associated with it. Archaeological findings, literary sources, epigraphic evidences, art and sculptural remains of Odisha emphasize on the ports, ship-building activities and their trade and cultural contacts with other countries. Several research works have been published on the ports, boat-building technology, cultural contacts, trade and commerce of Odisha.

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