Buxi Jagabandhu odia film director announced


The most eagerly awaited news which has created lots of anxious speculations past one month have come to an end.

Akshay Kumar Parija, the daring film maker of Buxi Jagabandhu and Paika Vidroh with Anubhav Mohanty, the superstar of Odisha in the role of Buxi, announced in a crowded Press Conference that the challenge of presenting the historic epic has been very kindly shouldered by Shri Man Mohan Mohapatra as Director in Chief. The nationally and internationally revered, Shri Mohapatra does not need an introduction who has eight National Awards to his credit. The dream project of Akshay and Anubhav is obviously aimed to produce a feature film on the valiant efforts of the Chief Architect of Paika Vidroh in 1817, Buxi Jagabandhu. The film would explore the indomitable human spirit of Buxi, who had the courage to stand up to the aggression of the might of the British Empire in India. This undoubtedly is a glorious moment in the history of freedom movement in Odisha, this also ushered in an anti-colonial sentiment, which paved the way for an intense fury against aggressors.

The film will be ably assisted by a full team of experienced and award winning cast and crew from Odisha, India and abroad.

buxi-jagabandhuBeing from Khurdha, Shree Mohapatra feels happy to present with his Midas touch, the historical facts which has not got proper recognition so far, on the occasion of 200th year of Paika Vidroh..