India’s first astronaut Rakesh Sharma meets Naveen Patnaik


Indian Astronaut Rakesh Sharma meet Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik at the Secretariat here on Wednesday.

Rakesh Sharma spoke from the unique perspective of an astronaut when he said, “the world is one family” while delivering a lecture at the secretariat on the occasion of the Odisha Knowledge Hub seminar.

“Anyone who goes to space, first looks at his own country, but soon it appears that there are no boundaries between the countries and the entire world is one family and our destinies are integrated,” said Sharma.

The Odisha Knowledge Hub lectures were restricted to ministers in the secretariat. But today’s lecture hosted all the districts collectors, senior officers and science students from various educational institutions. The students asked inquisitive questions of the astronaut.

The students asked what one eats during a space voyage, how to prepare for space flight, whether “aliens” really exist in the universe and so on. They also asked whether space research should be carried out at the cost of natural resources that are used in production and launching of space flights.

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Speaking on “Manned Space Flight: A learning Experience,” Sharma underscored the need for collaboration in space research. “All countries should collaborate in space research so that there is no wastage of resources.”

astronaut Rakesh Sharma