Manikeswari Chhattar Jatara traditional festival of Kalahandi, Odisha


Manikeswari Chhattar Jatara a traditional festival celebrated by people of Kalahandi, Odisha. More than thousands animal are sacrificed during Bijaya Yatra of the festival.

Nearly 1 lakh people take part in the procession of Maa Manikeswari. The Goddess is taken in a procession from Jena Khal after Sundhi Puja to Bhawanipatna with rhythmic beats of nisan and ghanta and dancers performing Ghumra.

Devotees line up along the road for glimpse of the Goddess, believing that they will get rid of out vices and diseases by sacrificing animal.

Thousands of animals were sacrificed in full public view today at Bhawanipatna in Kalahandi district on the occasion of famous ‘Chhatar Jatra’ of the presiding goddess Manikeswari.

The animals, including goats and hen, were sacrificed on the road in presence of police and district administration officials as the procession of ‘Chhatar (umbrella) Jatra’ passed from the Kalahandi royal palace till Jenakhal, a distance of 3 kilometre, in the town.

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The Kalahandi district administration had appealed people not to sacrifice animals during the celebration of Chhatar Yatra. However, if the figures from various other parts of Kalahandi district reveal that more than 15,000 animals were killed on Sunday. Many devotees who cannot reach here from far-flung areas sacrifice animals at home with hopes of their wishes being fulfilled.

Lakhs of devotees from various places throng Bhawanipatna town to get glimpse of the ‘Chhatar Jatra’ of the deity.

Manikeswari Chhattar Jatara