Shree Jagannath Mahaprasad – 8 Unknown Interesting Facts


3. Dry Arna Mahaprasad is called Nirmalya. Nirmalya is also known as Kaibalya. In spiritual recognition Nirmalya is equally important as Mahaprasad. There is a believe among Hindus that if Nirmalya is served to a person on his death bed, he will find a place for himself in the heaven after his death following atonement of all his sins. Nirmalya is commonly understood as dry-rice i.e. rice dried up in hot sun in Kaibalya Baikuntha


4. Maharprasad is Prepared by 600-700 cooks and partaken by up to 50,000 pilgrims daily generating a business of Rs 8-12 lakhs, the mouth watering Mahaprasad of shree Jagannath Temple has retained its appeal among millions of devotees for ages.

mahaprasad cooking