Tiger cub named ‘Bahubali’ in Nandankanan zoo at Bhubaneswar


Bahubali, the omnipotent hero of the eponymous film currently smashing all box office records, has inspired the Nandankanan Zoological Park authorities to name a tiger cub after him.

Born to Megha and Nandan, the latter being a wild tiger that had strayed into the zoo in April 2013, the cub was christened Bahubali today after more than 1,200 visitors had suggested it. Six other tiger cubs, which had been born at the zoo last year along with Bahubali, also got their names today.

A zoo official said that more than 2,200 visitors had dropped the names in boxes kept in front of the tiger enclosures between 8.30am and 5.30pm yesterday. “More than 58 per cent of visitors opted for the name “Bahubali” for the cub,” said deputy director of the zoo, Jayant Dash.

Explaining the reason behind naming the cub after Bahubali, Dash said that as Bahubali was an indomitable and powerful character, the same potential lies in this cub as well, because its father Nandan was a wild one.

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Nandan had strayed into the zoo from the nearby Chandaka-Dampara sanctuary. It had escaped in June 2013 by scaling an 18-feet-high fence. The zoo authorities managed to facilitate its re-entry to the zoo in the same month.