Udipta Kumar Rath first motorcycle racer from Odisha


Udipta Kumar Rath, the first motorcycle racer from the state of Odisha, is just a few days away from racing the Suzuki GSX-R 600 at the Pirelli Malaysia Superbike Championship 2017.

This is a perfect exhibition of how dreams take flight from one’s eyes to an insignia in hand. From free style stunting to an International Racing Championship, this is a story worth listening to and getting inspired from.

He returned from the pre-session testing recently and on being asked about, how he felt being the chosen one to be racing among the world champions for the first time, he clearly answered, “I am not scared. But I am ready to learn and I am preparing for it.” Unlike any other champion who would claim his hand on his sport to be victorious every time, Udipta reminds us of Valentino Rossi when after winning a championship he said, “I always think that I can do better”.

The pre-session testing is one such opportunity for the racers to get their hands on the bike and the tracks before they step into the arena. And for the Malaysia Superbike Championship, this was held on 7th of March with 4 sessions of 25 minutes each, giving the riders, 100 minutes and 50 total laps to know their tracks and to build a relationship with their bike. Udipta took 48 laps in a day with a number of steps forward, getting closer to his aim. He pushed his limits hard enough to cut 10 seconds from his own record.

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At the age of 21, he took a step ahead from freestyle stunting to motorcycle racing, by becoming the first ever racer from the state of Odisha to be participating in the National motorcycle Racing Championship. Since then, he has been adding encomiums in the list of his achievements. A humble heart and a grateful attitude makes him reach more people not only in numbers but in depths and there he rises as an ambassador of youth wanting to pursue an out of the box career, which is still a taboo in our country.
Source – udiptakumar.wordpress.com

Udipta Kumar Rath