Yamuna Sangarasivam Odissi dancer who danced with Michael Jackson


When Yamuna Sangarasivam went to audition for Michael Jackson’s video, she did not anticipated her brief brush with stardom. Little did she know that her face would be instantly recognisable from Asia to Europe.

When Black or White hit MTV in Los Angeles market Yamuna became an object of adoring smiles. People came up to her and asked “Are you the one”.

“Black and White” is a pleasant detour of dances from different countries. Yamuna does Odissi and has a duet with Michael Jackson. The choreographer pulled certain pieces Yamuna Sangarasivam dancing with Micheal Jackson.

Yamuna began to dance at age of six and has continued to do so throughout her whole life. The first dance she learned was Bharatanatyam. When she studied in Odisha, an eastern region of India, she did a piano and dance thesis recital where she performed a dance named Odissi, a very sensual, fluid and beautiful dance.

Yamuna Sangarasivam, Odissi dancer who danced with Michael Jackson in his music video “Black or White was a student of Guru Gangadhar Pradhan.

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Yamuna SangarasivamShe enjoyed the experiences as a student of dance ethnology ” i feel for tunate that i am not caught up with it, it was great experience and a wonderful opportunity in that type of performance mode, ” She say The video broke new ground in the use of video technology and promoting the theme of multiculturalism.

Article by – Kumar Aurojyoti